Keep Racism Out


Keep Racism Out patches for season 2020/21/22/23/24. Please see description for pricing information.


These are official Stilscreen, standard player-issue Keep Racism Out patches to be applied on official Italian football jerseys for season 2020/21/22/23/24 (right side sleeve under Serie A patch). Imported from Europe—products are 100% original. Please follow attached packaging instructions for application.

The patch was worn the first time during the first match of Serie A season 2020/21;

a second time it was used 19 and 20th March during season 2021/22.

This item is sold in singles, packets of five, and packets of 10 which offer wholesale pricing.

  • Single: Each cart item counts as one patch.
  • Five: Each cart item counts as a packet of five patches; 5% off.
  • Ten: Each cart item counts as a packet of ten patches; 10% off.