PU-Flex | Classic Athletic – Metallic Gold


PU-Flex | Classic Athletic – Metallic Gold.



PU-Flex-based Classic Athletic font heat transfers in Metallic Gold (Pantone 871c).

PU-Flex is a thin polyurethane material that reduces pressing time; yielding an elastic, stretchable/rebound, and light product that does not strain fabrics.

Heat transfers are soft to the touch, have a matte finish, and the clear carrier has low adhesive properties that aid positioning the product.

Product specifications:

-Material: Polyurethane
-Thickness: 3.0 mil
-Certified Oeko-Tex® Standard 100 Class I

Care, applications and washing instructions:

Product applies on cotton, polyester, acrylic, and similar fabrics. Always respect the garments instructions on care; allow 24 hours before washing and iron only on the backside. Wash temperature should never exceed 140 ℉ (60 ℃), preferably inside out. Do NOT bleach and do NOT dry clean. Product can be tumble-dried.

How to apply product:

Heat press on the garment at 330 ℉ (165 ℃) with medium pressure for 5 seconds and then peel the carrier off while it is still hot.

-Pressure: medium
-Temperature: 330 ℉ (165 ℃)
-Time: 5 seconds
-Peel: hot

For special requests: custom fonts, designs, colors, dimensions, and individual characters, please contact us directly to sales@admcprint.com

How to order names

On the dropdown lists above there is a selection that reads “Names 2 Inches High” and the next one reads “Select Name Quantities”. All names are produced in capitals.

Please count the total quantity of names you wish to order, type it, and click add to cart.

During checkout, you will be prompted to write the names on the “Comments” box. Please write the players’ names separated by commas and proceed to checkout as usual.

***Please note that while the image that shows the alphabet is in black for all colors, the names you order within this product will correspond to the same color of the numbers; for example, if you order white digits and names of the same product, the names will be white. ***