2017/18 Supercoppa TIM, Supercoppa finale Roma 2017


New patches of 2017/18 Supercoppa TIM, Finale Roma 2017 used on Juventus vs Lazio on 13rd August 2017.




These are official Stilscreen, standard player-issue Supercoppa TIM Roma 2017, to be applied on official Italian football jerseys.

Worn during the final match Juventus vs Lazio on 13rd August 2017 and the rest of the season 2017/18.

The new Supercoppa TIM is in use on season 2017/18 starting from the final match Juventus vs. Lazio.

Imported from Europe—products are 100% original. Please follow attached packaging instructions for application.

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Supercoppa patches 2017-18

Supercoppa 2017-18, Finale Supercoppa Roma 2017, Supercoppa + Finale (pair)